Production Arborist

City: Toronto, Ontario


Company Operating Name: Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services
Location of Work: Toronto (GTA)
Language of Work: English
Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full time
Wage: $25.00 per hour
Hours per week: 35-44
Benefits: Health Benefits insurance plan, Paid holidays, Vacation pay


The Production Arborist is directly responsible for executing and completing the assigned production tasks. Arboriculture production includes all in-field work associated with the management and care of woody plants within the urban environment. Safety, quality, and efficiency are paramount.

• to serve as a guideline but not limited to this list
• Examine trees and shrubs to diagnose problems and disease
• Pruning of large scale broadleaf and coniferous trees (for safety, structure and health).
• Fine pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs (for health, to encourage the natural form and improve atheistic appeal).
• Fine pruning of all scale of hedges and living fences / privacy screens.
• Installation of tree support systems including Steel Cable, Synthetic Dynamic cable, Bracing Rods and Tree Props.
• Full removal of dead, diseased and/or dangerous trees in a safe and controlled manner.
• Removal of stumps with industry standard grinding machinery (small manual grinders and large hydraulically driven grinders)
• Controlled lowering of tree material from heights using modern rigging techniques (blocks, pulleys, ropes and winches)
• Manipulate and move heavy/irregular tree material with the use of specialized dollies, cant hooks, mechanical advantage and cranes.
• Ascend and work through the canopy of all scale of trees in a safe and efficient manner, imposing no injury on the tree itself through the use of industry standard ropes, harnesses and hardware.
• Use climbing spikes (spurs) for tree removal and ONLY for tree removal.
• Utilize aerial lift devices to safely and efficiently access and work through the canopy of all scale of trees in a safe and efficient manner, imposing no injury on the tree itself.
• Properly inspect all tools of the trade for safety including but not limited to cranes, aerial lifts, chainsaws, climbing equipment, dollies, winches, pulleys ropes etc.
• Planting of all scale of trees and woody plants in accordance with arboricultural standards.
• Preparation and application of soil amendments including organic compost and bio-stimulant soil conditioners
• Deep aeration and renovation of damaged or poor soils with pneumatic tools.
• Pruning of roots in association with constriction projects and excavation in accordance with arboricultural standards.
• Proper installation of safety traffic control barriers.
• Maintenance and chainsaws and chains.
• Maintenance of woodchipper machinery.
• Identify potential hazards in the workplace and mitigate potential hazards in the work place.


• Completion of an Arboriculture diploma program and/or equivalent field experience.
• 0 to 8 ton Ontario Crane operator License
• WAH - Working at Heights training (Ontario provincial standard)
• Ability to make critical decisions for pruning strategies in accordance with arboricultural standards.
• Ability to make critical decisions for tree support systems in accordance with arboricultural standards.
• Experience working in 2 person, 3 person and 5 person arboriculture production crews.
• Proficiency with modern climbing equipment, techniques and safe work practices (SRT and DDRT proficiency required)
• Proficiency with modern rigging equipment, techniques and safe work practices. (GRCS experience required)
• Proficiency with 185 Compressors and Air-Spade tools.
• Ability to execute all tasks with the required personal protective equipment.
• Experience working in proximity to energized conductors and utilizing proper barriers including dielectric tested rubber gloves and insulated tools.
• Trained and practiced in Aerial rescue emergency protocol.

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