Civil Technician

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Job Type Full-time
Salary $35.00 per hour
Position Civil Technician
Job Location 2 - 6147 BUCKTHORN RD NW, CALGARY, AB T2K 2Z2
Experience Required At least two years of relevant experience.
Education Required A college degree in civil engineering or construction-related discipline.
Benefits Disability Insurance
Recruiters May Contact Yes
Indigenous Persons Yes
Vulnerable Youth Yes
Newcomers Yes
Persons With Disabilities Yes

Terms of Employment: Full-time, Permanent
Language of Work: English

Company Info:
From restaurants to offices, clinics to shops, and bars to salons, Amazing Renovation is able to cover a huge variety of structural redesigns. We handle everything from the very start to the very end of the whole construction process. At Amazing Renovation, our work is consistently delivered with care and quality. With over 10 years of experience, Amazing Renovation offers a reliable service and renovations of supreme quality. We provide a range of services such as project planning, interior design, 3D design and project management. Our strength is that we ensure every step is government testified and qualified before construction. At the very end, we do a final inspection of the project as a whole to ensure everything is qualified.

We are currently looking for an experienced civil technician to join the team. This role will be working on a variety of projects with us, providing a balanced technical and mathematical aptitude for designing and calculating dimensions and component specifications with providing direct site monitoring and testing throughout the project lifecycle.

Job Duties: 
1.Perform surveys and compile information and data about proposed project sites, visit sites to take measurements and determine whether the sites are in appropriate conditions for proposed projects, and gather information related to elevation and current utilization.
2.Confer with supervisors to determine project details such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions.
3.Prepare blueprints and structural specifications, assist in developing dimensional drawings for project elements using computer-aided drafting programs or preparing material specification documents for contractors, and review the documents to make sure they are technically sound and free of errors.
4.Help maintain project budgets by estimating material needs and costs based on project blueprints and specifications, making recommendations to supervisors about vendors and suppliers.
5.Conduct periodic inspections of sites and monitor contractor activities, making sure the specifications are followed while also adhering to the construction codes.
6.Participate in the testing of construction materials and elements, ensuring that projects are durable and safe for extended use.
7.Prepare progress reports and present them to supervisors and clients, compare project timelines and costs to expectations, and report on potential delays or issues that arise during construction.

1.A college degree in civil engineering or construction-related discipline.
2.At least two years of relevant experience.
3.Understanding of the industry and working procedure.
4.Familiar with drafting software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp.
5.Good problem-solving skills.
6.Effective project planning skills.
7.Ability to read and understand written instructions, which can be in the form of graphical plan of a proposed project i.e. a profile, mathematical calculations, or words.
8.Ability to work in teams with other technicians and engineers.
9.Ability to make accurate estimations of material amounts and costs and make decisions.

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