Construction Helper

City: Vancouver, British Columbia


Company Name Power Cool Electrical & Refrigeration Mech. Ltd.
Job Type Full-time
Salary $20.00/hr ($41,600 annually)
Position Construction Helper
Job Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Experience Required No experience required
Education Required None
Indigenous Persons Yes
Vulnerable Youth Yes
Newcomers Yes
Persons With Disabilities Yes

Company Name: Power Cool Electrical & Refrigeration Mech. Ltd.
Location: 205 - 8475 Ontario Street, Vancouver BC Canada V5X 3E8
Email Address:
Number of Positions: 2
Position Name: Construction Helper
NOC Code: 7611
Duration: Permanent, Full-Time
Hours: 40/wk
Salary: $20.00/hr ($41,600 annually) + 4% per pay period
Overtime: As per BC Provincial Standards
Observed Holidays: As outlined on – 10 holidays/yr
Benefits: N/A
Education: None
Experience: No experience required

Job Summary
Every construction project takes a team to accomplish. Every role is important and critical to the overall process. Construction Helpers assist our skilled trades workers by performing various tasks such as cleaning the work area, prepping worksites, unloading and organizing supplies, cleaning tools, removing rubble and debris, etc. This is important work because it allows the skilled trades worker to focus on their job in a clean, supportive environment. This is a job that requires focus and attention to detail; coordination and teamwork; active listening skills; critical thinking skills; and an overall awareness of the surroundings.

Job Duties
• Proficient at identifying tools and materials needed for the project
• Load materials and tools to be taken to the job site, or that need to be transferred from another site or pick up from a supplier
• Unload materials such as lumber, supplies, tools and other equipment at the job site.
• Setup equipment to be used at the job site which may require running power to the work area, erecting scaffolding, laying our tools, setting up forms (for concrete slabs), and organizing tools in a way that makes it easier for the tradesmen to do their jobs
• Be available to the tradesmen to lend a hand in holding, aligning, securing and/or observing in order to assist the tradesmen and make the job go faster
• May be required to do light construction duties such as mixing cement and pouring foundations, assisting with framing, drilling concrete and/or studding, etc.
• May be required to use hand and power tools to assist in construction efforts, so safety and usage knowledge is a required
• From time-to-time, may be required to direct traffic around the construction site to allow trucks to safely come in and out of the job site
• When working in an inhabited environment, proper caution and preparation efforts must be employed to protect walls, floors and to cordon off affected areas by erecting plastic dust barriers
• Clean up spills or contaminants and remove hazardous materials safely and quickly; remove rubble and debris in order to keep the workspace safe and clean
• Run errands for the skilled tradesmen at their request for anything from tools to supplies or even water or coffee when appropriate
• Learn the trade as you go in order to become more efficient and more useful to the tradesmen – opportunity for growth can depend on how well you learn and adapt
• Perform various other tasks as needed and/or requested

*************** ATTENTION ***************
Note: We welcome applications from Aboriginals, People with Disabilities, School Leavers and New Immigrants.

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