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GAD Systems Ltd is Hiring an Electric Power System Repairer

City: Surrey, British Columbia


GAD Systems Ltd is Hiring an Electric Power System Repairer

Company Name: GAD Systems Ltd
Company Address: 12194 86TH Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 3H7
Position Available: 1
Hours: 40 Hours per Week
Work Location: As Same as Company Address
SALARY: $42.50-44.50 / Hour
Language: English
Start Date: As soon as possible

Requirement and Skills:
• Education: Completion of secondary School
• Work Experience: 4 years of related work experience is required

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
• Install, maintain, and repair electrical distribution and transmission systems, including conduits, cables, wires, and related equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers and switches.
• Attach crossarms, insulators and auxiliary equipment to poles prior to installing them.
• Test conductors, according to diagrams and specifications.
• Climb ladders or operate hydraulic buckets when working aloft on poles and towers or work in confined spaces such as trenches and tunnels to install power lines and cables and associated equipment.
• Replace damaged poles with new poles, and straighten the poles.
• Clean, tin and splice corresponding conductors by twisting ends together or by joining ends with metal clamps and soldering connections.
• Cut and peel lead sheathing and insulation from defective or newly installed cables and conduits prior to splicing.
• Identify defective devices, circuit breakers, fuses, voltage regulators, transformers, switches, relays, or wiring, using wiring diagrams and electrical-testing instruments.
• Coordinate work assignment preparation and completion with other workers
• Adhere to safety practices and procedures, such as checking equipment regularly and erecting barriers around work areas.

Please apply by email at only.

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