Commissioning Specialist

City: Hamilton, Ontario


Company operating name:
Primetals Technologies USA LLC

Business address:
5895 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005 United States of America

Client job site address:
1330 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3J5 Canada

Title of position:
Commissioning Specialist (NOC 2241 – Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians)

Job duties:
Primetals is seeking to hire a Commissioning Specialist to provide specialized project support and engineering technology services at a client facility in Hamilton, Ontario. The Commissioning Specialist’s day-to-day day duties and responsibilities will entail the following:

• Providing technical guidance and support during the commissioning and testing of Primetals' proprietary technologies customized for Dofasco's steel manufacturing operations;
• Providing expert guidance and support during the advanced commissioning of hot strip rolling mill equipment;
• Ensuring that Primetals' equipment is operating in accordance with our company's standards for quality and safety;
• Reviewing Primetals' proprietary technologies to ensure the optimal performance of systems in accordance with design requirements;
• Performing on site safety procedures in accordance with company specific guidelines and standards while ensuring all work is performed in the safest conditions possible;
• Working with and supporting project teams and customer representatives to coordinate system commissioning processes with all other plant applications and technologies; and
• Performing related duties, as required.

Terms of employment:
Project-based position from March 2020 to March 2022 (24 months)

Language required:

USD$49.94 per hour (equivalent to CAD$65.76 per hour based on the exchange rate on December 11, 2019)

Standard health, dental, vision, disability insurance, 15 vacation days per year, overtime allowance. Eligible for salary increases and bonuses at company’s discretion.

Location of work:
Hamilton, Ontario

Contact information:
Jeenetta Williams, HR Immigration and Delegation Manager -

Skills & Qualifications:
The successful candidate for this role must have extensive experience with and specialized knowledge of Primetals’ proprietary technologies and commissioning procedures coupled with a minimum of 5 years of experience in commissioning drive applications services. The candidate must also have a college level diploma or related apprenticeship training in electrical engineering technology or a related field.

Additionally, the successful candidate must have:

• Experience providing support and guidance on hot strip mill projects;
• Familiarity with the standards and safety requirements for hot strip mill project execution and operation.

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