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2 Cabinetmakers Required

Etobicoke, Ontario


2 Cabinetmakers are urgently Required

Job location: Kitchen Nations
Etobicoke, ON

Job type: Permanent, full-time work with flexible working hours
Salary: $20.00 per hour
Vacancies: 2

Job responsibilities include:

• Trim surfaces or joints to get ready articles for finishing
• Practice hand tools to cut, shape and form parts and components.
• Sanding wooden surfaces and applying veneer, stain or polish to finished products and apply protective finishes to workpieces or products.
• Match materials for color, grain, and texture, giving attention to knots and other features of the wood.
• Studies and prepare blueprints or drawings of articles to be constructed or repaired
• Reinforce the joints using nails or screws
• Mending or redesigning of wooden furniture, fixtures or other related artifacts
• Set up or operate machines, including power saws, jointers, shapers, etc cut, mold, and shape Woodstock
• Install hardware such as hinges, handles, catches, and drawer pulls, using hand tools

Education: Completion of secondary education is required.

Experience: A minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the field is required.

How to apply: