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Diesel Mechanic

Mississauga, Ontario


1 Diesel Mechanic urgently needed at a Truck Repair shop – Permanent, Full-time with flexible working hours.

HK United Ltd.
Mississauga, ON

Job responsibilities include:
• Ensure the trucking and trailers machinery is functioning properly and look for any malfunction or faulty parts
• Determine vehicle condition by conducting inspections and diagnostic tests; identifying worn and damaged parts
• Perform equipment adjustments and repair the faulty parts manually or through machinery
• Ensure that all the equipment fixed or repaired is sufficiently working
• Ensure that all the maintenance work meets manufacturer’s specifications
• Lubricate, clean, tune-up, oil change and perform any other needed routine maintenance work done on the diesel engine
• Locate and repair diesel engine on the trucks and trailers
• Order parts and inventory under manager’s discretion
• Keep maintenance reports performed on vehicles
• Ensure a safe working environment

A qualified candidate must be knowledgeable with: fuel injection system, cooling system, AC system, lubrication, engine controls, installation and alignment of engines, mechanical transmissions, brakes and other mechanics involving diesel heavy truck machinery

Education: completion of secondary school is required. Completion of trades certificate or post-secondary diploma in related field is required

Work experience: minimum of 2-3 years of experience in heavy-duty equipment mechanics or related field

Salary: $26.00/ hour

1 vacancies available. Interested candidates are welcome to email resume at: