Vice President, Business Development

City: Mississauga, Ontario


Spencer Xu Financial Services Inc. is a Canadian financial services company providing financial products to new immigrants. It is committed to assisting new immigrant clients accomplish their financial goals by offering customized financial security planning and wealth management services. we are looking for a qualified candidate to fill the Vice President, Business Development position so that we may expand our clientele and provide all of our clients a better customer service experience.
Role and Responsibilities
• Serve as leader in developing new business and strategic partnerships.
• Diversify and increase our customer base.
• Spearhead the strategic planning and execution of all sales, marketing, and public relations activities
• Be responsible for cross selling of company-wide products, services and capabilities to new and existing customers.
• Collaborate with colleagues (executive, leadership and peers) to develop new products and services.
• Build international business connections to help new immigrants develop a proper understanding of financial products such as insurance and investment programs.
• Will be required to: meet business development benchmarks; create sustainable revenue growth; and, add to existing customer revenue and profitability.
• Will set benchmarks for continued growth based on the objectives of the leadership team; monitor those benchmarks continuously; and, report the findings to the leadership team.
• Identify, design, develop and implement market-driven strategies to achieve revenue goals and the company’s mission.
• Oversee marketing programs and partner channels that increase the company's revenues and customer base.
• Identify potential strategic partners, alliances and relationships to expand core product lines and services/solutions.
• Develop marketing & sales team as the business continues to grow and establishing sales goals for the team and ensuring they are met.
• Conduct comparative research on marketing strategies for industrial and commercial products.
• Maintaining extensive knowledge of the current developments in the business market to assess the position of the company with continuous improvement in mind.
• Developing and responding to the need for quotes and proposals.
• Identify unmet needs in the industry and promote a customer-oriented focus.
• Advocate consultative customer relationships.
• Develop and maintain high-profile external relationships within customer constituents, professional organizations, etc. (public relations presence).
• Act as primary contact for internal and external decision makers.
• Provide consultation on planning and starting of new businesses.

Qualifications and Experience
• A minimum of 5 years of business development leadership are required.
• Must have an extensive working relationship with the international banking industry, with particular emphasis on the banking industry in China.
• Must have an established network of business and professional contacts in private sectors that will assist in facilitating and promoting business partnership as well as in market development.
• Must have extensive experience and close connections in the mid-market and above.

How to apply: Send resume directly to: Spencer Xu Financial Services Inc., 4307 Village Centre Court Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2 or through email:

Job Location: 4307 Village Centre Court Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2

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