Environmental /Conservation Planner

City: Gold Bridge, British Columbia


Company Name Wilderness Stewardship Foundation
Job Type Full-time
Salary CAD$ 40 per hour
Position Environmental / Conservation Planner
Job Location Gun Creek Rd, Gold Bride, BC
Experience Required 1-2 years
Education Required Bachelor's Degree in environmental planning or similar
Benefits Accomodation and Board
Indigenous Persons Yes
Vulnerable Youth Yes
Newcomers Yes
Persons With Disabilities Yes

Job Description:
Compile and analyze data on demographic, economic, legal, political, cultural, sociological, physical and other factors affecting land use
Confer with municipal, provincial and federal authorities, civic leaders, social scientists, lawyers, land developers, the public and special interest groups to formulate and develop land use or community plans
Prepare and recommend land development concepts and plans
Prepare plans for environmental protection
Review and evaluate proposals for land use and development plans and prepare recommendations
Formulate long-range objectives relative to future land use and the protection of the environment
Implementation of the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation's mission and objectives, involving all partners in this.
Coordinate stewardship and resource management projects.
Develop citizen science projects for the collection of wildlife data, use these to educate the public about conservation
Collect data on wilderness trips and analyze these.
Respond to consultations and referrals and organize meetings with relevant stakeholders.
Organize recruitment for research.
Convey progress, issues and challenges to the board of directors.
Project manage ongoing stewardship and resource management projects, plan future projects and secure funding for the foundation’s projects.
Complete land plans with wildlife management.
Research wildlife studies that support regulation and management of wildlife.
Contribute to supporting each other in our community and get involved in shared activities, such as our weekly success reviews, writing weekly blog stories and daily meetings.
Take responsibility for your personal growth and create a positive environment around you.
Contribute to something larger than yourself by participating in Nature Conservation projects and mentoring your fellow community partners.

The position is a permanent full-time position (30h per week, 40$ per hour, 4% vacation pay)

Skills / Industry Qualifications Required:
Bachelor Degree in environmental planning or similar
1 to 2 years of experience in the field of described tasks
experience in non-profit governance, land planning, grant writing, ecology, project management and implementation, stakeholder communication
Very good English
Commitment to your Personal Growth and support our unique culture.
Readiness to view challenges as opportunities to grow and learn and take initiative to leave your comfort zone.
Our priority is to live in a community where we believe the best of each other, want the best for each other and expect the best from one another - if you share this approach you are ready to join us.

Additional Information:

Personal Growth is a priority, we facilitate the environment and material for you to grow and evolve towards your best self.
Your job is a journey that can transform your life as much as you are committed to your personal development and invest in yourself.
Opportunities match responsibility taken and include attending external workshops and learning new skills and gaining knowledge
Hands-on experience and insights into Nature Conservation, contributing to positive change in the world.
We support each other in our goals and mission and share our personal experiences every day.
Live and work in a remote wilderness environment at our office on Gun Creek Road, Gold Bridge, BC, where you can reconnect with nature and yourself.
Accommodation on site, including three home-cooked meals per day.
If applicants have equal qualifications we give priority to underrepresented groups.

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Contact Info

Email: info@consequaturwildernessstewards.com