In-Home Caregiver (Home-Support Worker)

City: Calgary, Alberta


Job Description:

Available position: 1
Type of Job: Full-time / Permanent Job
Number of Hours: 40 hours per week
Work Schedule: Monday to Friday
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Salary: $19.25 per hour

Full-time in-home caregiver - willing to work to take care of 1 child 4 years old with special needs.
Main Duties include:
Mend clothing and linens.
Administer bedside and personal care.
Launder clothing and household linens.
Assist in regular exercise, e.g., walk.
Assume full responsibility for household (in absence of householder).
Feed or assist in feeding.
Shop for food and household supplies
Provide personal care
Provide companionship.
Plan therapeutic diets and menus.
Perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties
Assist the child with bathing and other aspects of personal hygiene.
Prepare and serve nutritious meals

Optional accommodation is available at no charge on a live-in basis. Note: This is NOT a condition of employment.

to apply: please email your resume to

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