RPhTs: Move to Lloydminster and Earn Much More than the Average Pharmacy Technician

City: Calgary, Alberta


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When RPhTs in Calgary (or other larger Canadian cities) are earning only 15 dollars per hour and paying $1,200 dollars for a one bedroom apartment, don't ignore your instincts that tell you something doesn't add up! In this job, you would earn $20 per hour.

Sometimes it may feel as if your life isn't progressing. More and more people are settling in Canada's larger cities, but if you do the opposite, believe it or not you could have a much better chance of finding gainful employment.

What to Expect From This Job:

- You will be working full-time hours every week (from 9AM to 6PM Monday to Wednesday; 10 AM to 5 PM on Thursday and Friday).
- Your attention will be directed towards the checking of maintenance prescriptions for accuracy.
- You will procure those drugs for patients that visit the pharmacy with their prescriptions. You will check to see whether those drugs have any potential incompatibilities with patients' existing prescriptions.
- You may also be needed to bag, label, and cash out customer purchases from the pharmacy.

What is Needed to Do This Job Successfully?:
- You should be licensed as a pharmacy technician. Even if you aren't licensed in Alberta, but you are interested in re-licensing from another province, this job is open to you.
- Previous technician experience is required.
- You should be a graduate of a post-secondary pharmacy technician program.
- Strong English speaking abilities would be an asset in this position.

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