driver-long haul

City: Abbotsford, British Columbia


Assist in loading goods on the truck and ensure that they are stacked and secured properly

• Take inventory of loaded goods in order to make sure that the correct quantity is loaded

• Ensure that any damaged products are reported and documented properly

• Secure the back of the truck properly before setting off

• Transport goods over long distances; check on cargo at every stop during the long haul

• Make sure that the truck is in proper working condition before setting off

• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on the truck prior to setting off

• Check tire pressure and ensure that there is enough fuel

• Perform any repairs that may need to carried out especially during roadside emergency

• Use GPS and / or maps to chart out the best route which is time and fuel efficient

• Ensure that all documentation pertaining to travelling between states or countries is in order

• Record freight information along with distance travelled and fuel consumption

• Ensure that goods are delivered to the right destination

• Assist with unloading goods and ensure quantity checks

• Obtain signatures from the party to whom the goods have been delivered to

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