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Receiving Supervisor

City: Woodbridge, Ontario


Company Name JB Rand Express
Job Type Full-time
Salary $25.00/hr
Position 01
Job Location 7899 Huntington Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A5
Education Required Senior Secondary

Job Duties-
 Directing and coordinating team members within their department.
 Assigns tasks related to the intake, transportation, and storage of materials, reviewing
personnel performance and determining how to best utilize staff members. Provide direct
support during unloading and transport activities.
 Determine the policies for the intake, transportation, and storage of materials, and instruct staff
members on changes to these procedures, identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency,
safety, and performance by improving or replacing procedures that are not working or reliably
 Directing and coordinating team members, conduct employee training and onboarding
activities. Explaining and demonstrating internal processes, completing new employee
paperwork and forwarding it to management or human resources departments, and monitoring
employee performance during the training and orientation process to help support proper
procedures and establish expectations.
 Maintain accurate and updated records of shipping manifests, reports on day-to-day warehouse
activities, and incident logs. Evaluate records to determine the overall efficiency of their
 Maintains a clean and safe working environment.


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