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Aviation Life Support Equipment Engineer (ALSEE)
Hourly Rate - $37.44 to $41.00 Job Title Aviation Life Support Equipment Engineer (ALSEE) Reports To Head of Training and/or Operations Manager Job Overview The ALSEE is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all safety equipment and gear (e.g. G-suits, flight masks, helmets, flight suits, etc.) to ensure the upmost safety of our employees using such equipment and gear. ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES: • Participate as ALSE member on the safety council and air safety meetings. • Inventory of ITPS ALSE equipment on fixed wing and rotary wing. • Onboard survival equipment requirement’s as per TC regulation. • Number/ID ITPS ALSE equipment for recording. • Issue and return record procedures for ITPS ALSE equipment. • Compatibility of the ITPS ALSE equipment with aircraft. • Periodic inspection schedule for all ITPS ALSE equipment on and off aircraft. • Conduct equipment inspection, fitting, adjustment and aircrew instruction in survival, use and care of the support...
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